Attraction Marketing Facebook Workshop

Who is Justin Verrengia? And why should you laser focus on what I am about to share with you?

The Social Proof Of Who Justin Verrengia Is

March 2012 – We Were Living a 300 Sqft Studio Apartment In Costa Rica For $450/Month Rent. Now we are creating $29,201.92 in just BONUS pay! $30,000 & $40,000 + Weekly Commissions in my eWallet and Collecting PHAT Cash Prizes In Denver, Austin & Chicago. As well as Winning a $39,178 Gold Rolex Daytona for an Online Affiliate Sales Contest.

September, 2012 in San Diego, CA – Collected $63,000 Check (represents 90 days income)


January, 2013 in Austin, TX – Collected $191,847 Check (represents 12 months income)


April, 2013 in Chicago, IL – Collected $143,225 Check (represents 90 days income)


July, 2013 in Denver, CO – Collected $198,325 Check (represents 90 days income)


January, 2014 in Miami, FL – Collected $794,800 Check (represents 12 months income)


January 2014 in Miami Florida – Collecting Our Million Dollar Earner Rings


Results not typical. The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they’re designed to give you an idea of what’s possible. Success in any business – as with anything, requires leadership, hard work and dedication

What else have I been able to do with my own skills?

<-> Generated 3,261,120 targeted viewers… From just SEVEN of my Facebook Ads.

<-> Generated 62,000 targeted LEADS… Into my email auto-responder.

<-> Converted 1,864 Personally Sponsored Customers… Into my online business

I’ve Packed Rooms with:

<-> 200 People…

<-> 750 People…

<-> 1,350 People…

<-> 3,100 People…

<-> 4,300 People…

<-> and over 5,200 People…

That’s great and all… But have I helped anyone else?

Justin Verrengia Facebook Training

Not only have I’ve earned $1,114,120 marketing on Facebook

… I’ve also taught my Attraction Marketing Facebook Secrets to a select group of students including…

  • Anders Fihn went from a complete rookie to earning $10,300 his 3rd month of applying my training!
    — Anders Now Generates 30+ Leads Daily
  • George Briere has earned over $130,000 and able to scale his business!
  • Tracy Coomer ramped up her sales from ZERO to 3 in less than one week!
  • Nicole Barham grew her list of subscribers by 1,000% and generated over 1,200 leads on FB!
  • Mario Silva’s life has totally transformed and his income shot through the roof!
  • Rhonda Swan, $150,000 + Earner
  • Bill Winch has earned more money this past year than he has over the past several years!
  • I have helped DEAF people such as David Giudice earn $1,600 in a single day.
  • I have helped BLIND people such as Ollie Cantos earn $5000 in a single day.
  • What Do These People Have In Common?

    If success leaves clues than what do all these success stories have in common?

    Each and everyone of them:

      => Had a DREAM with a burning desire for success.

      => Believed it was possible. (belief is the #1 determining factor to success)

      => Emptied their cup. (cleared their mind from the past)

      => Were coach-able, and followed my instructions without hesitation.

      => Had willingness to take risk, learn new skills and get out of their own comfort zone.

      => Took massive laser focused action applying exactly what I shared with them.

    Which is what I’m about to share with YOU NOW!

    But before I do it’s important I be straight forward and honest in telling you right now that…

    I only want to work with driven people who are ready to change now and start getting real results FAST.

    Is that fair enough?

    I respect your time and all I ask in return is that you respect mine.

    Why am I even doing this?

    Because after failing to make money online for 5 years and almost losing my wife over it…

    I vowed to pay it forward once I finally figured it out because…

    It’s my mission in life to AWAKEN others and help them too “UNPLUG from The Matrix”

    The missing link for my massive TRANSFORMATION was simply just having access to the right mentor.

    It was my last mentor who was actually who he said he was. Today that is RARE and that is what I desire to be for you.

    Now, lets get into tonight’s training and content shall we…

    Self Confidence / Self Image

    => Your nervous system cannot tell the difference between an imagined experience and a “REAL” experience.

    => You will act like the sort of person you conceive yourself to be.

    => Our self image, strongly held, essentially determines what we become.

    => Our self-image and our habits tend to go together. Change one and you will automatically change the other.

    How do you rocket boost your Self Confidence?

    => Read empowering books daily.

    => Listen to empowering audios daily.

    => Find a mentor who believes in you.

    => Eat & live healthy (meditate & exercise.)

    => Work on your personal development daily.

    => Become a better version of yourself each day.

    => Take massive focused action towards your dreams.

    Facebook Attraction Marketing Lead Generation And Conversions

    My Secret Weapon is The Chocolate Traffic Man

    I routinely pay this dude $20,000 a month to run my Facebook Traffic because he is the BEST OF THE BEST and well worth it!

    Introducing the BEST PPC Marketer Alive & Godfather to my daughter Quan-Yin the 1 and only Jubril Agoro.

    4 Week Interactive Coaching Workshop

      => WEEK 1 – Setting up your FB. Establishing your niche market and crafting your custom brand around it.

      => WEEK 2 – Crafting your lead capture page to your niche. Placing your first custom FB ad and split testing.

      => WEEK 3 – Converting leads into sales. Auto-responders & email follow up. Optimizing your FB ads.

      => WEEK 4 Creating a healthy R.O.I. Scaling up your FB advertising and lead flow + a whole lot more.

      * All sessions are interactive with live Q&A.

    What are your options?

    Three Choices:

    1) Spend 1-2 years learning how to generate and convert targeted leads on FB on your own, until you’ve spent literally $100’s of thousands of dollars testing different ad campaigns and effective strategies. (This is what Jubril and I have done)

    2) Continue what you’re already doing expecting a different result. (The definition of insanity)

    3) Be personally mentored and coached by 7 Figure Income Earners (Jubril and I) who can show you how to begin generating targeted leads on FB A.S.A.P.

    How would you like it if I gave you my entire Attraction Marketing FB blueprint, that I’ve tested now for 2 years, and have done more than $1.1 million online, and generated more than 60,000 leads from Facebook?

    The only question to ask yourselves…

    How MUCH does my 4 Week Workshop Cost?

    Can I Afford It?

    How fast can I make money if I decide to Get In?

    Considering I routinely pay Jubril $20,000/ month for his FB marketing expertise/ coaching and the fact we consistently dominate our online marketplace using FB with the ability to turn $1 into $8 and legally print money.

    And let’s not forget the fact you are learning a Skill of a Lifetime that can be used to generate the highest quality targeted leads online to build ANY business or sell any product for the rest of your life.

    The very 1st number that crossed my mind was $11,111.

    But then I realized most people could not afford $11,111… So the next number that came to my mind was $5,000.

    I brought the idea to my business partner, Jubril. He thought that you would be LITERALLY stealing it if we gave it to you for only $5,000.

    Keep in mind every single student I have mentored up until this point has paid me over $5,000 to learn this.

    And then…



    The reason WHY I started doing this in the first place and where I come from…

    I told Jubril, “I really wanna make a difference in this world helping the greatest amount of people.” Jubril without hesitation responded back…

    “Fuck the bullshit!

    Let’s help the PEOPLE.

    Let’s change the world. Let’s let them have it for only $1,111… for a limited time only making it a total No-Brainer for everyone.”

    That’s when my emotions took control of me and I replied:

    “Let’s fuckin’ DO IT bro!

    We are here for a reason.

    2014 is the year of The People.

    It’s about time somebody restores integrity back into the online marketing industry…

    “I’m down to do it, right now, if you agree to this 1 condition…”

    Absolutely No Negatrons Allowed


    Because you are on this page right now, I want to help you!

    “If you’ll LOCK IN your spot to our 4 Week Coaching Workshop RIGHT NOW…

    You’ll get it for a special limited time price of Only $888.”

    – Only $888

    Special Limited Time Offer

    –> Save $4,112 Right Now!

    In Literally 48 From Now the price is increasing from $888 to $1,111.

    Then March 18th, 2014 the price goes up to $5,000

    Make a decision. Just get in. Only $888 if you act NOW!

    Special Surprise Bonuses:

    => Video Recordings of all Live Sessions – $2,500 Value

    => Top Secret Facebook Coaching Group – $1,500 Value

    => Interactive Live Chat Skype Mastermind – Priceless

    There’s only ONE RULE!

    Absolutely No Negatrons Allowed

    (We’re very selective with whom we choose to work with.)

    Visit the site below to lock in your special discounted price of Only $888.

    ==> Click To Join The Attraction Marketing Facebook Workshop <==

    About Author - Hippie Jedi

    D and Justin Verrengia the self proclaimed Hippie Jedi's are here to start the freedom movement by helping individuals reach their true potential through spiritual and financial guidance.

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